Safety and security is our top priority at all times and we take ALL possible measures to provide international level of parasailing safety. 


trafficsafety-Trainer: Highly qualified french trainer with over two decades of beach activities experience in France, India and now Bangladesh.


-Boat Captain: Seven years of parasailing experience in Malaysia and Saudi Arab. He is also a Cox's Bazar local, giving him the edge of knowing the Cox's waves and parasailing boat maneuvering skills.


-Engines: We have Brand new Japanese engines manufactured by Yamaha. To enhance security of flight we installed two Yamaha engines, in case one engine malfunctions there will always be a back up engine.


-Parasailing Equipment: All our state-of-the-art equipment has been imported from abroad. Our supplier has 15 year track record of supplying to Military Organizations in the subcontinent. Our high standard harness and cable has the capacity to withstand up to 500kg which is 6-7 times the weight of an average client. Therefore, having a near 0% chance of any safety issues.   


-Boat Hull: One of its kind, manufactured in Japan and customized by local experts.


-Flotation Device: All flyers have to wear life vests at all times, therefore it is also safe for non-swimmers.


-Instruction Session: We provide a ten minute instruction session before flight which is the flyer's responsibility to follow.


Every day  our operation starts with a thorough pre-inspection of all our equipment as per the checklist provided by our foreign trainer. And we have a 0% tolerance for any deviation from our guidelines.


We would like to reiterate that we will not compromise with any safety and security factors at any cost.