DSC03927Our Parasailing vessel is the most state-of-the-art parasail boat you can buy. Parasailing is so relaxing it can place you in what we call a "parasail state of mind" meaning all thoughts have melted away and all you see is the life going on beneath your feet. Our Parasailing crew has been trained by very experienced trainer. They are dedicated to your parasailing experience and will help you with any questions you may have about the Himchori beach area and parasailing in general. Come and Fly with the best and only! parasailing located on Himchori beach at FunFest! .

Until you've seen Himchori Beach from a parasail flight, you haven't seen Himchori!

Imagine flying up to 400 feet above the Bay of Bengal, then the boat stops! You slowly drift downward and just when you are about to get dunked, WHOOOSH, the boat takes off and you go soaring back up!

RIDE THE WIND under our parasail and you'll never again be happy just being a landlubber. Grin to the thrill and the beauty of soaring hundreds of feet above the beach. The colorful parasail sparkles overhead while you enjoy a birds eye view in a peaceful and serene world. The ride is breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable. The parasail is very stable so you will enjoy the ride without having to steer. And landings are always safe and gentle.


DSC04410When it is your turn to parasail, your crewman will assist you to the take off and you will be attached with a very strong and safe harness. You may gaze upward and see the already inflated "chute" overhead. You will be directed to simply stand and relax. Then the fun begins. The Captain will accelerate the boat and you will take off! Suddenly you'll feel like gravity, not unlike you, went on vacation, as you begin to be drawn skyward due to the acceleration of the boat. As you go higher and higher, your surroundings begin to get quieter and quieter as well as smaller and smaller. After you are fully aloft, a "freefall" may be initiated by the Captain only if YOU wish. In free fall the Captain will STOP the boat, you will slowly descend to earth for as much as a minute, depending on your weight and altitude. As you approach the surface of the water, the Captain will re-accelerate, pulling you skyward again. Many people have said that their freefall was the most thrilling part of the ride. After about 7 minutes aloft you will be brought by the beach and slowly descend and finally land on your feet on the beach.